Oompa Loompa Wiki is up.

It appears an Oompa Loompa Wiki has been created by the team that brought you Rebelpedia.  The site so far is amazing.  From what I've read, I'm learning more and more about the Oompa Loompas than ever before.  What's even more amazing is the fact that the site can be edited by anyone.  That's right, anyone.  Edit the Oompa Loompa Wiki at http://editthis.info/oompaloompa/Main_Page

Oompa Loompas outed!

Yes, it's true.  A study at the Jenna Haze Institute of Science and Technology at the Jenna Haze University reveals that all Oompa Loompas are in fact homosexuals.  This study comes as surprising for Oompa Loompas, but not as surprising to us humans.  Additionally, Oompa Loompas are being offered free psychology to help get past this news, so all Oompa Loompas may be comfortable with their sexuality.  News like this hasn't risen since when anime fans were outed as hermaphrodites.  Stay tuned for updates.

OompaLoompas 'R' Us owner offers DOUBLE the Oompas for the same price!!!

Yes, it's true!  OompaLoompas 'R' Us owner and founder John Preston offers TWO Oompa Loompas for the price of only one!  Now, you may ask, "how ask can they afford this?"  Well how can't we afford it?!  We're crazy for Oompsters!  Preston greets everyone on the opening day of this crazy sale.